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Anthony Favaloro
It's Anthony's senior year at Palma. When not in school, he's here at the Cafe, helping the family and creating memories that will be with us forever. We love that our kids enjoy working in the family business and remember when we did the same while growing up. Back then, it seemed as if all of the children helped their family make a living in old country. We love to hear from others who helped their family's business, worked on farm, or fishing boat or other endeavor.

Anthony has put in countless hours working in the Cafe over the summer and on weekends and nights during the school year. We've had to send him home to make sure he keeps some balance in his life.. all work and know play… not good. He's become quite the Chef and restauranteur and we could't be more proud.

Ariana Favaloro
Cafe Ariana is inspired by our children and the Cafe bares the name of our daughter, Ariana. It's been amazing watching both children take ownership of the restaurant. Ariana, the eldest, has learned a great deal about business and marketing in collage and has helped us make some changes to the Cafe that have really made a difference.

We can't wait for her to come home for the holidays, when she'll join us at the restaurant. Our family of restaurant regulars look forward to it almost as much as we do!

Growing up in Italy, gelato and sorbets are part of your everyday life, like milk or butter here in America. Many have it on pastry in the morning or as a sweet treat in the afternoon or for dinner. Because gelato is made with as half the fat content of ice cream (or less) it makes for a healthier, less fattening dish. One of the key differences between gelato and ice cream is the texture. Ice cream is whipped to make it fluffier that adds air into the mixture and that dilutes the natural flavor of the end product. Manufactures often try to compensate by adding artificial flavors to the mix. Gelato is more of the essence of the fruits and flavors used to make each type. Very little air is incorporated into the product as it's made and therefore the flavor is more intense and the texture is creamier. Also Gelato is kept at a higher temperature (about 10 degrees higher) than ice cream making it softer and not hard as it's Western cousin.

At Cafe Ariana we celebrate all things Italian—Panini, Gelato, Pizza's, Pastries, Cappuccinos and Italians wines. Some may argue the origins of a few of these dishes however, no one will argue that they have become as integrated with the Italian culture as our pasta. We use the best ingredients and make most everything fresh daily
Anthony probably helped make his first pizza at age six in our home kitchen. Today his favorite is a three cheese, pepperoni pizza. Honestly, Anthony probably won't turn down any pizza...He's Italian. This summer Anthony has made a few hundred pizzas and his enthusiasm for them hasn't waned.

Gallery of Photos:

Pizzas, sweets and other food that's quick, light and tasty. Pizzas, Panini Sandwiches, Salads, Soups, Pastries, Gelato, and delicious house-made Desserts. We also offer Retro Sodas, Monterey County and Italian wines, and an interesting selection of beers.

If you're with the media, please feel free to contact our agency Riddelll & Riddell and they will provide high resolution versions on these photos and more for relevant news stories.

Media Liaison: Crag Riddell at (831) 521-1685

Soups and Salads
One of the hallmark's of Cafe Ariana's menu is Marie's soups and fresh salads, made daily at the restaurant. We use the freshest ingredients and since we are located within California's salad bowl much of our produce is local and organic.



ILong before Cafe Ariana and even before the Favaloro's years operating a bakery, Marie Favaloro was known for her Italian Christmas cookies. Today, if you live on the Monterey Peninsula, you've heard tales of Marie Favaloro's cannoli.

At Cafe Ariana, Marie has an opportunity to showcase her specialties to the delight of locals and visitors alike.


Pizza and Wine—A natural pairing
Cafe Ariana's selection of gourment pizza and wine is tantalizingly affordable. Unlike other pizzerias, att Cafe Ariana you'll find an adult selection of wines, including regional favorites and Italian fruits.